Picking the right size bike for your children is super important, and we’re here to make it a breeze! 🚲 Just keep an eye on two things:

1. Inseam (the inside leg measurement down to the floor)
2. Riding Skill Level

A Little Tip:

New Riders:
Smaller bikes are top picks to start their fun, safe riding adventures!
Confident Riders: A bit bigger? No worries! They’ll grow with it and have loads of fun.

Sizing Hints:

Inseam is our star guide for bike sizes - ensuring tiny feet can touch the ground easily, making rides comfy and secure.
If you haven’t got the inseam, using their height is your next best bet. And remember, we love all our YOMO riders regardless of age, but age isn’t a fab size guide as kids grow at their own cool pace!


How does that work

1. Get those little feet into socks and flat against the wall, standing super straight!
2. Pop a book between those tiny legs.
3. Glide the book up until it gives a gentle snug against their crotch.
4. Make a quick little pencil mark on the wall at the top of the book.
5. And voila, measure from the mark to the floor!

2. How Tall Is Your Child?

How does that work

1. Have your kid stand tall, back against the wall, and in those comfy socks again.
2. Place the book flat on the head.
3. Ensure that book stays flat and level, making sure it’s nudging the wall.
4. Make a swift mark under the book on the wall - that's your spot!
5. Measure from the mark straight down to the floor - and there you have it!
6 . A top tip - try it 2-3 times and take an average for the most spot-on measure!