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What is YOMO Bikes' warranty ?

YOMO Bikes Warranty Policy

Lifetime Frame and Forks warranty and 1-Year Parts Warranty

All YOMO bikes come with a lifetime warranty on the frame and forks and a 1-year warranty on parts. This covers issues caused by faulty manufacturing but not everyday wear and tear. This warranty only applies to the original buyer and isn't transferable to other owners.


  • Normal wear and tear or fatigue damage.
  • Any damage from not looking after the bike properly.
  • Regular items needing replacement or adjustment, like tyres, brake pads, and cables.
  • Any damage or problems caused by not using the bike properly – this includes stunt riding, jumping, not following instructions, or using the bike in a way it wasn’t designed for.


The warranties above represent the full extent of our warranties, and we do not offer any other promises or warranties, whether express or implied.

YOMO Bikes is not liable for any other losses, damages, or expenses related to our bike products. Our liability is strictly limited to replacing goods or, at our discretion, refunding an amount equal to the product's purchase price.

Additional Notes:

This Warranty is for the original purchaser only and doesn’t transfer to later owners.

Activities like competition, jumping, downhill racing, trick riding, or other non-standard uses can greatly reduce a bicycle frame's life and aren't covered under this Warranty.

The Warranty is applicable only to new bikes bought directly from YOMO or an authorized distributor.

This policy aims to be straightforward while providing necessary information. If more details are needed, or for specific issues, please Contact our customer service team. They're here to help you!

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